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Just a note that you might want to clarify. You said "One lawn mower emits as much CO2 as a dozen or more cars." That's highly unlikely, as CO2 is pretty much just a direct function of burned fuel. CO, various nitrogen oxides, and all sorts of volatile organics are emitted profusely by small 2 and even 4 cycle gasoline engines in rates that would qualify as "...a dozen or more cars", but CO2 is about 20 lbs per gallon of gasoline burned, no matter what sort of engine is burning it. See
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Yes! It's worth watching the whole hour and a half thing, which you can get to from this CMU press release link:
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This weekend I took a soda bottle, drilled a hole in the cap, cut the valve stem out of a busted bicycle inner tube and, after several humorous misadventures, inserted a couple of spears of asparagus and pumped that sucker up to 100PSI. (Note for the future: when opening said bottle, make sure that the bottle is pointing up so that gravity pulls the spears away from the opening. Cleanup is easier and the walls appreciate it...) Aside from the alluded to "asparagus cannon" effect, with probably 45 minutes to an hour under pressure, I didn't see much if any cellular change in the asparagus. I saw a few bubbles on the cut (well, broken) ends of the asparagus, but nothing major, and when I tried again with new spears I didn't get bubbles again. So either 100PSI isn't enough, or maybe something different would happen if there were liquids in there too. But in thinking about cell structure, and the fact that humans survive deep sea diving fairly well, it seems like pressure alone isn't enough: Those cells are filled with water, a non-compressible liquid. When I empty out my next soda bottle I'm going to try a tube into a bag in which the asparagus is placed to see if I can generate pressure from the bag, which would be similar to what you see with the bags in the vacuum sealers.
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2006 on The Pressure Chamber at IDEAS IN FOOD
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Thanks to inspirations from y'all the dehydrator turned out some amazing things last night (I'm munching on some flax & pesto crackers right now), and this morning I was experimenting with using a water bottle and a bike pump as a pressure chamber, brought on by your musings about marinating few days ago, and when I went to release the pressure the contraption disappeared. I was reduced to bemused laughter, until I looked up and saw it floating down gently on the hill, a good distance from where I started. So I called my sweety out into the yard and we did a few more intentional launches. On this thanksgiving weekend, thanks to you for getting me inspired to get back into the kitchen (and the yard) and playing with my food again.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2006 on Happy Thanksgiving! at IDEAS IN FOOD
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