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I feel in love with Mr Edilson from day one, but I do agree that these last photos are not up to his potential. He looks tired and a bit forced. These shots are taken in poor lighting and if it's for effect the photographer sucks. The Flash in the background is photography no, no 101.. never let them see the light source. The Gold chains so yesterday, The Gold pants, please. His so much better than that. No pants at all would have been a better choice. Shit this is Edilson, Evandro doesn't even compare, Edilson is The Icon, Brazil's Hottest export of all time. Eldilson doesn't need fashion all he needs to do is show up and strike that pose. He should be better lit and better make up... Eyes need rest, you can see the signs of aging. Maybe that new babies keeping him up at night. I'll always love you but, Photographers please shed him some light! He's to be seen in all his glory... D:)
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Aug 8, 2010