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actually, my vote was by which liked to be in the outdoors. oddly rolling stone had obama on the cover the same day I got the issue of field and stream. I read thru the issue, but I just found the story making me wonder if obama will support conservation and help keep our waters clean and forests full of wild game (I have seen at least 10 turkeys crossing the 4 lane in my back yard) we need all the family and friend time we can get in a weekend or week getaway.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2008 on Did Flyfishing Influence Your Vote? at FlyTalk
try to stomach watching some of their videos. I was about 11 when I watched the movie 8MM... it was sick. but just about any PETA video, they are sicker. at least my family hunted or clean meat, we made sure ours was killed humanely. the comic book, just disturbing. any real hunter, even a beginner, will try for a shot that kills fast. as for being hooked on killing, I like breaded trout and catfish, always better than being hooked on drugs.