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Danny Lane Anderson
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You're very welcome, Neven! :o)
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2013 on PIOMAS March 2013 at Arctic Sea Ice
Greetings Neven and thank you for this fascinating weblog and discussion platform! I enjoy devouring it fairly often! :o) "I was getting worried about the coming melting season, especially with those huge cracks already opening up, so this is definitely a relief." Neven, I'm glad to hear you're not worried now. But what was there to possibly really worry about in any case? If you wish to entertain ideas of worry sometimes, that's valid and ok. But imho there is no need to allow oneself to be in a state of worry. Why worry about something that is done and inevitable.. It is done. the entire Arctic Ocean is a vast solar radiation-absorbing, warming, moisture-sourcing, Gulf-Stream-gulping, sparkling blue ocean as entirely open as the mid-Atlantic. Whether the experience of this incredible shift is this year or in three years, it is immanent and can be considered done within the illusion of "time", as you know. It's not easy to imagine avoiding it at this point. Possible unpleasant outcomes of this aside, I certainly look forward to the immanent ice-free Arctic Ocean with excitement, awe and wonder. I'm trying to not worry about unpleasant possibilities and instead focus on the positive aspects about this. What a thrilling mystery it is. In my understanding, the outcome is still a largely unpredictable unknown. It could be the quick start of an Ewing & Donn-style new Ice age from colossal ocean-effect snows (still a possibility if you ask me!) Another outcome imho is the start of a Late-Eocene-like stable very warm climate state worldwide. Or most of us may enjoy some surprising - maybe pleasantly surprising - unforeseen outcome (my favourite) of an ice-free Arctic Ocean and the likely attendant methane releases. Why even begin to worry anyways, considering that you are an eternal being with nothing to truly be afraid of? (at least I know you are an eternal being, whether you believe this or not) :o)
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2013 on PIOMAS March 2013 at Arctic Sea Ice
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Mar 12, 2013