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Danny Lewis
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Traditional TV is dead for me. My wife and I have gone two years without traditional TV. All one needs is an HDTV, a desktop PC with enough power to play any media you can throw at it, an appropriate video cable, and a good, living-room suitable keyboard and mouse. Pull up Hulu via the web or use the Hulu Desktop application, and watch movies on Netflix Watch Instantly. One would think you would watch less TV, but we actually watch more, but with discipline, we could watch less. Also, we can watch TV when we want to and only have to deal with minimal commercials (or no commercials if you obtain your TV shows by other means). Up stairs, we have an antenna for OTA networks, but we don't bother with it too often. Though, the commercials are so long and boring! Death to TV! Long live the Internet!
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May 2, 2010