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Pete, Do you know what FIU is doing with the unsold tickets. I know someone asked a while ago but don't remember if you responded. It would be nice if they would sell them at a discounted price ($10-$20) as a souvenier porque la economia esta mala and they can use that money to buy roary as new jersey. lol. anyways, let us know
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on 5 Questions on Toledo at FIU Panthers Prowl
i agree roary...chia cant jog because he is lazy, not cause of the miniscus.....chia es un
In the famous words of Glen Quagmire....."Giggity, Giggity...AWWWRIGHT!!"
wow, chiapanther walking away with his tail in between his
They get a gold sticker on the wall next to their name. lol. No really congrats to all the guys above. Hell of a job and season!!
I wanna see a good ole fashion message board fistacuffs. Chia is M.I.A...must be actually working for a change
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2010 on FIU vs. Toledo -- 1st Look at FIU Panthers Prowl
i sense some hostility on these boards. Chia corner over there, Alt corner over there.....ding, ding, ding. lets get it on!!
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2010 on FIU vs. Toledo -- 1st Look at FIU Panthers Prowl
i agree with all parties though. Roary takes care of us in 112 as we take care of him but it is give and take. it difficult to pump up a crowd of 4k spread out all of the place. sign me up for the job and i will show you ladies how its done!!
roary, did another cat bite your tongue. Gotta learn to finish a sentence or did you get excited?
well considering no data was being kept it will be thrown out. we will keep data next weekend. I'm surprised you didn't pour the Prestone in it. lol. Chef Boyardee is sold round the world. Thanks for the compliment!! ============= By the way, nice job putting adam weasley in his place. You must be again not doing anything at your He deleted "La Cherna's" post yesterday on his plog calling him out on the bowl and plugging the prowls blog for more accurate and legit info. Seems that he posted the article at 1:23am. Must have been hitting the Jesus Juice quite hard. Leave it to the Herald to be making life complicated when it doesn't need to be. Right Pete?
La section 112 will be representing saturday bright and early around 1030am. Come say hi under the oak trees on the Youth Fair side. We should have our Publix / FIU tent and la television going. If the county grants us our budget, we should have a posterboard, party favors, and even a vuvuzuela for the game. We welcome all also for the last game of the season for the chili cook off (will Chia pass health inspection this see everyone there and lets GO PANTHERS!!
you can dooooo it!!!!!!!
good luck FIU!!! Can't complete the 112 group as currently out of town but I don't have any worries about the rest of the degenerates making up for the noise missing.
Great job again guys!! Pete, whats up with Slick Rick Sanchez being at the home game last week and now travelling with the team to troy. Is he looking for some work as he is collecting the unemployment checks? Reminds me of George Costanza and Vandalay Industries.
you threw up cause of those bad sausages you ate....well, i am sure it also had something to do with that avatar sounding "girl" almost killing me
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2010 on Green Zone For ULM at FIU Panthers Prowl
pete, i just heard on 560 the play by play fau announcer dave lamont lose it during the fau v aku game on a helmet to helmet hit. that was just awesome. if you want a good laugh google dave lamont rant and i am sure there will be plenty of links to this. your response??
we will take down del boca vista (phase 2). last 2 years have left me with a headache so lets get the ball rolling and eat those hooters up!!! viva la section 112!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2010 on Shula Bowl Through the Years at FIU Panthers Prowl
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