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We are a music distributor based in the UK. Very similar in size to STH, but we have had a very different experience of streaming Full Blog entry link below. Our current Spotify quarterly turnover is, BY A VERY LARGE FACTOR more than the £2,500 quoted as ST’s quarterly Spotify revenue. Now, I am pretty sure that our overall company turnover is no greater than ST’s, so why this enormous disparity? I suspect the key here is that we have been supplying Spotify since the service opened. We (and our labels) have seen turnover grow exponentially over the past three years. Streaming services are very “long tail”. It takes time for consumers to discover your music, add it to playlists, favourite it, and share it with friends. The longer a label is on a streaming platform, the more established they become, and the more time users will have had to discover their music. Users need to dig deep and it also helps if labels market their playlists. If a label is sceptical about streaming and is concerned about cannibalisation, they are not going to actively promote their music on streaming services, so stream rates remain flat. Catch 22. Currently, Spotify is our number two digital account in most of the territories where it exists in terms of actual turnover. In Scandinavian countries it is our number one source of income (physical or digital). This morning,
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Nov 19, 2011