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Posted Dec 27, 2011 at Dannyryddm's blog
I enjoy building ryddms and voicing artist, also I love filming and editing then I go into broadcasting live Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2011 at Dannyryddm's blog
Well I knew Bob Marley from boy days, hear how I use to see Bob MARLEY now!... I grow up at 56 Slipe Road and right across the street is Brentford Road which is just about 200 yards long to Slipe Pen Road, Studio 1 was just a few walks away so Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Bob Andy and a whole lot of foundational Artists meets up at this great Recording Studio. As a youth I only could just watch and when any one of the elder wants some thing to buy at the grocery store I just go and get it for them..Mico Prep School was also in the picture because while I was attending Mico I started to attend music school in Jones Town where Mr. Dean Frazer also attended when he was learning to that Saxophone... I was introduce to this music school by a class mate name Calvin McKenzie and my intention for attending this music school is just because I wanted to play the Trombone but I end up learning to play the drum set...(to be continue,) I will tell you about when Bob Marley got shot when he was rehearsing at Hope Road and I was rehearing also at the University Of the West Indies with the Generation Gap Band playing Drums...
I honour Marcus Garvey a lot because i grow up seeing most of what he had prophet has come to pass and can remember 2 big mountain that where very far apart and he said that those 2 mountains are going to lock to each one day to come and I saw that happen little by little dewing the years that I was growing up around a the area of those 2 mountains.. Moreover I also grow up on the same street on the same street where MARCUS GARVEY had is furnisher shop right at Tarrentan Bridge at the end of Slipe Road and the beginning of Orange Street and that is also where Kingston Started form going down town Parade which is the centre of the town and the bus terminal.....
Back in the 70's when I use to play futbol in Gutemala thats in the Central America i still can remember the mornings when I use hit the ball ground from about 5:30am doing some dragging and stretching then I lock on to the bol for the rest of the day doing all kind of tricks with my head them roll the ball between my eyes and on top of my nose,control and hold the ball their for a while and then bring it back to my forehead. There are times when I trap the bol in the back of my neck and tries to do many different tricks like roll it back n forth then I will try to lay down on my belly and let the ball role down into the center of my back where I control it there for a while then bring it right back to where i get started but standing ie not that easy.....?
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