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Interests: video games, computers, animation
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We put a lot of thought into what we were trying to do with our game. We were striving for something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The final idea was to have a cute alien that went around “stealing” people’s eyes and viewing the world as they see it. By using this mechanic, new parts of the level would open up depending on whatever eye the player had in, making it a nice puzzle/adventure game. Coming up with the idea was probably the best part of the game for me. Starting a game feels like there... Continue reading
I have been playing WoW since its beta, and only recently have gotten a character passed level 70. I have made countless of other alts, all sitting in my virtual memory waiting for the day I realize I left them there. To be honest, I’ll probably never play them again. Even though I know I’ll never play them again, I still can’t delete them. It hurts to think about removing them from existence. I know it’s just a set of data in memory, and that deleting it would just get rid of virtual items I never had to begin with,... Continue reading
When I first heard of Animal Crossing I didn’t want to play it. I get ragged on enough as it is for playing “girly” games, and this game felt like I was just asking for it. The cartoonish graphics, the cute animal neighbors, the simple goals and tasks…it was just not hardcore enough to keep my tenuous membership to the men’s club of gaming social circle. A couple of months after release, I started to notice it popping up in peoples Nintendos. Tentatively, I asked my guy friends what they thought was appealing about it, and they said it was... Continue reading
Chips Challenge was one of my favorite games when I was young. It broke the monotony of “Math Blaster” and “Mavis Beacon Typing”. Even though all the games on Windows 95 were fantastic, Chips Challenge always gave me a feeling of satisfaction after solving a puzzle. While I never knew why I was going from room to room to solve puzzles, I knew I had to press on. There was some pressing need to get to the next room, even though I don’t know why I was even in the last one. Since I moved a lot, the only constant... Continue reading
Start of Chess in Spain Even in Christian Spain, where it had been prohibited several times, chess was starting to make a huge impact on the society. Muslims, Christians and even Jews were all a part of the chess movement, each contributing their own ideals and values into the game to shape it into what it is today. The game had been played by every religion in every social strata. It was a very popular game, and the records of wills show Christian royalty, common Jews, and even clergyman all left chess pieces to the church or loved ones (Yalom... Continue reading
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