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Best: Saveur, for an awesome and colorful plate. Second best: Martha Stewart's Living's dig into summer issue. Great picture. Worst: Martha Stewart's Living love your home issue. There appears to be a corpse on your rug. Not appetizing at all.
Patents may not necessarily disclose useful information in many industries, or disclose it in a way that's particularly useful or easily readable (due to litigation interests, we're all forced to use "in some embodiments" more than we should), but by requiring at least some disclosure, patents destroy the possibility for the inventor to also claim their invention is a trade secret. As a result, there's no incentive for an inventor to keep information hidden - this was also the intention of the best mode requirement. So, as a result of the required disclosure in a patent application, inventors will frequently publish other, much more useful information: source code, white papers, functional documentation, flow charts, internal class definitions, etc. And that information is highly useful. Do patents themselves disclose useful information? Not always. Do patents encourage other disclosure of useful information? Absolutely.
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Not sure how well this would work with foie gras... Butter is between 15%-30% water, and when the croissant goes into the oven, all of those laminated layers of dough puff because that water turns into steam, which takes up 1600 times more volume than the water. There's plenty of water in liver, but it's not an emulsion like butter, and so the water may not be evenly dispersed and wouldn't create steam in the same even puffing, but rather make pockets that leak... My prediction would be that the croissants wouldn't puff properly, but end up more like biscuits. How did they come out? Incidentally, came here while searching for "foie gras croissant". I think it might work better to use the foie gras as a filling for a regular croissant, perhaps mixed with fig jam, and maybe with salt sprinkled on top after the egg wash. Might attempt that when the weather cools a bit.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2011 on Foie Gras Croissant at IDEAS IN FOOD
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Favorite cover: Everyday Food's Summer Made Easy issue. That popsicle is ingenious, and the entire cover is clean and well laid out. 2nd Favorite: Whole Living. Awesome looking salad and gets me really thinking. Worst: Food & Wine. I'm not that interested in the people, and even if I was, there are no names, so I have no idea who I'm looking at. Would've been helped by a list of "[name]-[restaurant]" at the top. 2nd Worst: Martha Stewart's exploding cookies. They look like umbrellas, not food.
The Food & Wine burger looks delicious, and I'm thinking of getting a burger for lunch now, but... I like the Food Network magazine cover. I think it's a bit busy in layout (contrast to Cook's Illustrated), but the three colorful and *wildly* different hot dogs get me thinking creatively. Second place would be Martha Stewart's Living, for the same reason - the ices look great and are a good contrast to each other. But they just don't pop like those hot dogs.
Absolutely delicious.
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