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So creepy. I have neighbors a few doors down who are upset about their neighbor's interior tiki fence. It's a fence within a fence, made out of different reed-like material, which protects their small dog from the angry neighbor's mean alllergic kids, and vice versa. The man does nothing but complain about the thing. It makes me want to go put up a tiki fence of my own.
Oh Kris, you are so alone if you don't prefer Benedict. Sure, most people prefer him to bare more Kahn chest also, but when we're already torn -wanting him to win because we adore him so, despite the evil - would it have been right to give us more skin as well? The fangirls would have utterly turned on the federation.
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May 14, 2013
did you delete some of the comments? it looks pretty tame.
I think Gwyneth and Yolanda should be friends.
Just imagine that Leo survived the Titanic and moved on to a crazy life in Long Island. Bring your own excitement.
I'm one of the few who thinks that the book is a bit overrated, so I'm hopeful that the movie will punch it up a bit. In fact, when I first saw the preview, I thought, "Maybe Fitzgerald didn't realize he was writing a movie, not a book."
The stripe or the blue? The stripes one is super nautical and even cheaper.
Should I mention that this very handbag (the Grove Court Maise, I think) is half price at if you get it in Yves Blue or Navy/Cream stripe?,en_US,sc.html
but it's a green Kate Spade!!! buy me one too, k? it's my 30th birthday next week and that handbag would rock!
And you figure Elle won't steal these? Is she crazy?
But it's a Rebel Alliance shirt! He should get it for a future girlfriend. Or maybe just the earrings that they also have on that website.
Kristin! I found this and thought of you! If you wore it, you would have the happiest son ever.
Am I the only one who kinda sees Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) in the bottom picture of Adam?
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't keep their mouth shut at Starbucks.
Tony, it's a YA contemporary fantasy (I think that's what we call it.) - It's my favorite greek myth retold. Percy Jackson meets the Real Housewives.
Seriously, it's torture. I have a love hate relationship with word torture.
I'm writing my first novel right now. Living in the world of writer's angst. It's special. I'd like to say I wasn't warned, but I think maybe I was just willfully ignorant. 38,000 words in...
Someone should give "Strong as the Redwood" a new cover. Also, has Harlequin changed recently? Gotten bigger, made a bunch of acquisitions, changed their direction?
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May 7, 2013