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Da Pinder
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Da Pinder added a favorite at Sober and Shameless
May 24, 2011
I received some terrible news this past weekend. I have been sober since 8/17/1992, by the Grace of GOD. I sponsored a girl..39 and she died of malnutrition and alcohol poisoning. I had to leave her alone. As the Big Book says...we are leaving the ones that truly want help instead of cleaning another ones mess. This tells me the disease is still out there just waiting for me. Secondly, my sponsor of 6 years has started drinking again. I have seen son many suicides I can not believe it. If I reflect on the failures rather than the pain makes my "isms" come back full speed. Two of my sons are in so much legal problems, I could die. Instead I pray. I can not rescue all all them, Good work Kristina!!! Dee
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May 22, 2011