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Andrew Dapolite
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The LOWV did not permit audience questions last week, believing that their own questions covered the pertinent topics of this election. I look forward to Catherine Parker answering specific questions re: her record on the Council, including: 1) her involvement in the Rye Golf Club scandal (Mayor French said in a July 2012 email that he and Catherine would report back to the Council, nothing happened until an October 2012 investigation was launched- and not by Catherine's doing...) 2) Her position on City Manager Pickup (Catherine has refused to take a public position on Scott Pickup's job performance. The Council met in Executive Session multiple times and never made any formal announcement or took a vote) 3) Why numerous "ideas" she voiced from the dais never made it onto an agenda, and were never discussed further nor acted upon (including restructuring the City Ethics Board) 4) Why it is okay to pipe sewage into the ground as long as you only do it 4 months of the year and water tests don't indicate unacceptable amounts of bacteria (Hen Island).
INL- Dependent on the government? I actually quit my job working for the government. No need to put my name in quotes, I don't use a phony name. I am who I say I am. Why won't you?
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Feb 23, 2013