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I agree that the Dalek and the Drone are disturbingly similar (though I'd draw the line of "armed travel machine" back much further - the attack helicopter is a clearer example, as the first helicopter gunship was in face a transport helicopter [a 'slick'] with a bundle of rocket pods welded to the front, and the 'Spooky' C130 Gunship, game-famous from the Death From Above level of Call Of Duty 4, was originally a heavy transport aircraft, with howitzers mounted on one side), I would question that the issue with Heidegger's statement is purely that he seems to be conflating Jews and chickens. It's also down to his personal complicity in the Nazi regime, and his history of anti-Semitism.
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A Republic of Bloggers letter! -
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2014 on Talk to Me? at Only a Game
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So... Can I get involved just by writing a letter to someone?
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2014 on A Republic of Bloggers at Only a Game
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Jul 22, 2014