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muffinman - I see you don't get the difference between Islam and every other religion. Only Islam is hegemonic, only Islam has as it's ultimate goal world domination and Islamic hegemony. Islam does not assimilate, it's goal is to dominate. For example: "Fight then against them till strife be at an end, and the religion be all of it Allah's." - Qur'an 8:40 You will not find any verses in the Bible analogous to that Islamic "take over the world" verse. That's their goal - it's all over the place in the Koran, read it and see for yourself. So, no, we don't have to worry about the Christian wearing a cross - he/she is not threatening to take over the world in the name of Jesus. Ditto the Atheist - he/she is not trying to take over the world, either. Ditto Buddhists and Hindus. Etc. Only Islam is hegemonic. Why? Because it's much more of a political ideology than a religion. Their unholy Hate Book, after all, was written by a Warlord. Specifically, the Black Hefty Bags forced upon females in Islam are disgusting and revolting to all peoples who consider women to be intellectually equal to men. That women are forced to hide their faces in Islam is both oppressive and uber-misogynist. It's an affront to any free-thinking individual. It's ignorant as all-get-out and should be soundly condemned by all the West, instead of our shameful PC/MC capitulation to an evil polygamous Warlord who started the whole thing by "covering" his wives. Hope I helped.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on Burka Clad Cambridge Grads at Atlas Shrugs