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Hi Steve, If millennials truly see themselves as "working class," this would truly be a fascinating shift. I've always been amazed by the fact that traditionally so many Americans see themselves as middle class -- whether they make $20K or $200K. We might be the only country where no one thinks they're working class (which I also think goes to the decline of labor unions and people's perceptions of the need for worker protections). If we're really seeing the start of a mind-shift, then that has long-term implications for economics (& our politics) that I for one will be watching. PS: Yes, I know there are many, many reasons for the decline in labor unions -- including the labor unions themselves. But that's a topic for another day. :)
Judging from the story I heard on the radio the other day about how "Facebook is causing divorces," there is at least some validity that journalists obsessed with social media stories are draining their IQs. The radio segment cited a "Facebook caused my divorce" group that had about 100 members. Facebook: 350 million. Disgruntled exes: 100. Hmm. Now I know why no one did the math...
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Jan 12, 2010