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Interesting and thought-provoking article, thank you. However, while it's pretty clear that the iPad is optimized for consumption rather than creation, to say it has "almost zero functionality" for content creation is to overlook its capacity and misunderstand what that content is. To reflect on your Wikipedia example, an iPad would be perfectly adequate for creating that kind of content. Heaps of content on the web nowadays is text. To use myself as an example, I do not envisage using an iPad for graphic design or multitrack audio editing. These require a powerful computer and a keyboard-mouse interface (though these could change in the future). But I already use an iPhone for mist of the other content I create: writing text (using an app that improves on the onscreen keyboard for large scale text entry), basic audio editing, songwriting, basic photo processing, and so on. In fact, the portability and ease of use make it easier for me to keep creating in those odd bits of spare time that arise during the day. I think the myth of the useless iPad has arisen mostly due to it breaking away from the form factor and architecture that we are accustomed to. And I think that once they are out and about we will see that, as usually happens, you can't stop people from creating, no matter what tools you give them. And that often creativity glows brightest when it has a limited palette.
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Apr 2, 2010