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Loengard Speaks!
Area 51
Interests: UFOs, sci-fi, TV, film
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Apollo 18: Don't waste your time trying to convert skeptics like Cohen. He will not understand the truth until he is pulled kicking and screaming from his comfortable little life and shaken out of his complacency by true events. Since we both know the broad outlines of what's going on, the urgency of the situation is to prepare ourselves for the emerging reality and leave the Cohen's of the world to deal with it when they finally can't deny it any longer.
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Mr. DeMayo... You are quite right to be concerned. Abductions do happen. Many more of them have taken place than you're probably aware of. Both of these films, however, are the Hollywood versions, as Mr. Zabel points out. Being taken out of your life and subjected to this intrusive behavior and then cast back like an undersized fish by an angler is no way for humans to be treated in their own world. Unless, of course, you feel that since we do this to fish it's okay for someone from a much larger pond to come do it to us. I do not subscribe to that philosophy. I've read several of your other reviews. You are a good writer and, properly informed, could be very helpful in furthering the cause of understanding about this rather substantial challenge that, for real, has presented itself to us at this time in our history.
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Mr. Nowotny... I enjoyed reading your review about the two films. Clearly the former is easier to think about and the latter is easier to watch. No matter. You seem to imply that you know that alien visitation has actually occurred. I believe that on the level of "what do they want" that both the films you have reviewed are much closer to the truth than, say, "Independence Day" or "War of the Worlds." Tough love, as you said. Watch the skies, sir.
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