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"Something must have happened!" Which was the refrain most heard around the McMartin preschool debacle of the 1980's. Deja vu
Lee ... Poor Mandy "I am Woman, hear me whine" ... sez Then I posted a simple piece on Slate about a sociological study of the obstacles mothers who want to cook for their families face. In a pouty, quivering-lower-lip, oh-those-meanies they never even read my article ... yet this was part of her conclusion It's expensive and time-consuming and often done for a bunch of ingrates who would rather just be eating fast food anyway. Somehow, I believe she doesn't read her own articles. They just ooze from her id in all their malevolent, unexamined glory.
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a movement not just for reform but for revolution” – one that “requires direct action” and “upsetting… our parents, our future employers… and quite possibly the police.” Oh.good.lord. Isn't one 1968 enough?
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Enjoyed the Jurassic Park themes ... reminds me of how much influence John Williams had on movie scoring starting with Star Wars in 1977. No one put "classical music"-style scores on sci-fi movies at the time. (even Jerry Goldsmith's music for 1968's Planet of the Apes was more dramatic punctuation than music score) Would the original SW be the same without Williams' themes?
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Many buildings are empty because rich people need more money in the bank. Owners prefer to keep their property empty: this increases demand for accommodation, thus raising the cost of renting Don't you just love reality-free proclamations in support of looting?
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geez louise, R Sherman, that site should be parody but those females are serious! they are female separatists [ !!! ] "You see, so long as women are willfully heterosexual/het-identified, male supremacy will continue. Female heterosexuality is, after all, the fundamental complicity necessary for the perpetuation of male domination. Any strategy that does not include the eradication of female heterosexuality (and the nuclear family, as well, or by extension) is not a strategy for liberation; it is merely a strategy intended to ease some of the hardships of the female lot under male supremacy." Good.Lord.
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