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Darlene Rosner
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I too painted our house a lovely shade of grey, Benjamin Moore "Old Prairie" which surprized and delighted me; surprized as I usually gravitate towards a colour and I was delighted with the result! A great backdrop for all of our furniture - old and new. Plus black & white photography looks fantastic! Have a great rest of the summer!
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Nov 20, 2010
I love your site; it is my homepage when I open my web browser and it is a good choice. I will have to take a closer look at Joel Dewberry fabric designs! Thank you for showing them to us. I must say that I understand the 'healing powers' of sewing, housework or to use a fancy term 'craft' in our day to day lives especially when coping with other stresses. I know it works for me and afterwards, I can look at the 'quilt' or 'skirt' or 'apron' or 'new curtains', and think to myself..."ah yes, that was when I was really upset about....." It really does help me get 'through' things, and it is a positive stress relief! All the best from a Canadian fan! - Darlene (in the rainy Fraser Valley, BC)
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I saw this tutorial and I just had to make one!! What a cute way to use up scrap material. The only alteration that I made was to add a flap that covered my zipper: I folded a 4" wide scrap that is the length of the coin purse; pressed wrong sides together lengthwise and lined it up against the raw edge in STEP ONE - then I sewed the zipperd per your instructions. When it comes time to sew the side seams, I was sure that the FLAP was folded over the exposed zipper teeth. It looks kind of cool, and then of course I wasn't able to add the ribbon because the flap was in the way, so instead I added a zipper pull made of yarn. Love your site/blog - it is just great. Wished I lived closer and I would love to participate in the classed listed!! Your Canadian fan, Darlene
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Dec 20, 2009