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The news you have heard and seen is awesome! My sister suffered a traumatic brain injury 20 years ago, and her recovery was a miracle. I pray, and see, that God is hearing petitions and praises for Joanne, as her recent developments are so encouraging. I pray God will give Joanne a full recovery and bring her back to her family that loves her!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2011 on Breathing! at Joanne Heim
Toben, your words were beautiful and beautifully written. I, too, believe Jesus is talking with Joanne right now. I also believe that God has worked everything out, for you to be in Colorado during this time. How Faithful a servant you were to heed his call, when you had no job. God worked out all the details, because you are right in the middle of His Will for your life. We won't know the rest of the story until it's all played out, but I pray out to God to wake Joanne up, to heal her brain, to perform a miracle, to show everyone His Glory and Compassion. This time of trial will show you Who God Is...He Is the Great I Am...and he loves you, and Joanne, and the girls more than anyone else ever could. Your testimony in this is awe inspiring....
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2011 on God Stuff at Joanne Heim
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Jan 17, 2011