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Re: Claude Jutra. As Hauser said, he was involved in a life-threatening motorcycle accident, although his actual suicide -- following him being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's -- was by drowning himself in the St. Lawrence river. It took several months and a full Canadian winter for his body -- his pocked contained a note reading 'I am Claude Jutra' -- to be found. So while he didn't hang around for Alzheimer's to kill him, it nonetheless seemed to be a major (if not the sole) reason to end his life. Another very sad story.
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David, thank you for posting this news, as unwelcome as it may be. I'd heard Rivette was in poor health but this obviously gives a bit more detail regarding what's going on. One of my other favourite filmmakers -- Claude Jutra -- also fell victim to this disease (albeit at a much younger age). Anyone who understands French and is interested in the "Phénix" project that David refers to would do well to pick up the Cahiers book "Trois films fantômes de Jacques Rivette".
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I'll try and do that next time I'm there. I always try to catch a film when in Le Havre, and as you might have seen in the blog there are several entries for visits I've made to Les Clubs (RIP). What with L'Eden also closing, I don't like to see people's filmgoing choices getting narrowed down; hopefully they'll promptly rebuild the Sirius after they tear it down. Last time I was in Havre the Gaumont at the docks had yet to be completed, but I imagine it's currently packing the crowds in. Glad you liked the blog. All the best, Darren.
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Good blog you've got here - I have always really enjoyed my visits to Le Havre, and I always like reading about what's going on there. As a cinema lover, you might enjoy taking a look at my blog: Cheers!
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