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Darren Cruse
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I disagree. There has always been borrowing of ideas/copying/imitating/deriving/whatever-you-want-to-call-it in technology just as there is in other creative fields. The state of Apple/Samsung/iOS/Android now is no different than Mac/Windows/Linux was years ago. Xerox didn't patent the mouse and windows before Apple "borrowed" those ideas nor should Apple have done so before Microsoft or Linux "borrowed" them once again. Things like multi-touch/pinch/zoom/scroll are just the mouse of our future. Trying to patent those can only hurt competition and creativity. And just as with the GUI, Apple did *not* invent those there's plenty of "prior art"/prior research and systems using multi-touch. Apple's was just the first to get popular they didn't invent them. And believe it or not I'm an Apple-fan boy I actually do like their products the best. But I think Apple's victory in this lawsuit was wrong patenting obvious ideas (or what really amount to artistic design choices) is wrong.
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Sep 8, 2012