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….. This is PRECISLY what the industry needs to ensure fairness & transparency across the 'food-chain' and the flow of data between entities. It's simply the only (currently at least) way that the ‘Nirvana of Royalty Payments’ is reached and that there is finally fairness in payments to artists and producers with zero ambiguity or debate. This view is from a non-artist with an firm interest in the industry but first & foremost from a music-lover, despite my business interests at Please read-on and I absolutely welcome further thoughts and comments here, this idea needs to be birthed; I sooooo agree with this comment; "An industry that has made poor to no use of its most valuable and actionable data. An industry that when faced with a new technology, has historically been more likely to run from than embrace it.” Nailed or rather, highlighted & reiterated to me that the industry needs to radically change its mindset and evolve. Also, as technologies and data-flows will ultimately determine what can be achieved to ensure the now very badly needed fairness in royalty-payments to artists, then I fully-expect that ANY artist of ANY size of standing should absolutely fully -embrace and support this idea without hesitation. Why? Because at this point in the industries life-cycle and to at the very least, put some long-term stability and set a global music industry standard for the exchange of such crucial data then I simply cannot see ANY reason why any artist would oppose such a ‘proposal for all’ At a ‘stroke’ the artist would become part of a global framework that ensures that the artist is paid fairly and fully for their creative time, efforts and output. Is that not after all what being a professional is about after all? That last is a metaphorical question to the industry at large and to anyone reading this. But anyway, I can’t put it any plainer than that so, full-stop. An FYI also; I’ve been watching this story develop on various platforms and have pushed it, it needs to happen, go digging’ gents. Anyway & to end, thank you also for the magnificent writing/proposal/explanation/tech-details captured in this article. I think that you have ensured that anybody of any level of technical-prowess can understand what this means and clearly see this idea as the literally HUGE game-changing and positive disruption that it truly is, well done Benji, from one writer to another, well done. #Respect This idea needs to happen, needs to happen, needs to happen. DarrenDP
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"it’s 75% of a great idea, it’s definitely getting there and heading in the right direction." Yes, fully agree Andrew, I have a view on this idea, see my next etc, I predict that this game-changing idea and industry-positive disruption will run & run to full production-rollout. It needs to to ensure fairness & transparency for all in the food-chain etc, high-level and no pun intended etc. :) DarrenDP
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Mar 10, 2016