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SSG Darrenwolf
Kabul Afghanistan
I am a very easy going and nice person with a big heart. physically fit and attractive. I love to talk, listen , laugh, play around, joke, and to always have a good time. I have always been an optimist. I always look for the good in people before I see the bad side.I am a sincere and loyal person. I'm not looking for a one night stand. I'm really looking for a person that will want to be with me forever. I am an extremely loyal person and when I commit to someone, that person is the only one on my mind always. I'm extremely affectionate and I never think twice about hugging or kissing my girl wherever we may be at. I'm just the type of person that loves expressing my feelings when there exist that mutual chemistry among one another.
Interests: Simply Since am Not the Much Demanding and Talking Type Only When Its Necessary and Needed,then I Must go Straight to the Point on Exactly What I Really Want from a Woman.All I want is a Woman that Understands the Real Meaning of Relationship,What am Trying to Say is that I need a Woman that Can be Open and Honest with me,A Woman That Seeks Long Term Relationship that Will Lead to Marriage,Cos I Believe am Not Getting any Younger and I Cant Spend the Rest of My Life Single and Going to Bed Lonely Everyday of My Life...Since the Word of God Say a Man that Findeth a Wife Findeth a Good thing,So I Want Something Good that is Why I will Go Anywhere in the World to Find that Good Thing,Even if its the Last Thing I do for the Rest of this Year,But I Know I will Find Her,Sometimes I ask Myself Where Will My Queen Be and What Exactly Does She Look Like,I Guess its a Crazy Question,But I will Find the Answers Soonest
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