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You know your getting to be a classic when you see a camera you have enjoyed for years make a splash into a time capsule.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2014 on Bliss at The Online Photographer
At least your heading in the right direction! It is tax time here in the U.S. and not everybody gets refunds. I am waiting to send my check off on the 15th, and no day sooner. Congrats on the up coming renovation!
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2014 on Thanks! (Update) at The Online Photographer
Which one would you choose? I already made that choice over the past 18 months and purchased all three DP Merrills. I have been shooting large format cameras since the early '80s, and was looking for as near quality to that as I could find, but in the most portable size. The D700 was the smallest camera I had for what I was aiming for, but way too big for what I was looking to take with me. I patiently watched what some of my favorite DPx Merrill shooters were putting up over at the getDPI forum and did note the majority of what I saw was street-shooting. I am not much of a street-shooter, but if I was taken in by their work, maybe I had found what I was looking for. I gradually acquired one camera at a time after renting all three, purchasing the DP2 M new and the others used. I have the RRS grip and the JLM grip and find the JLM grip better for my hands. I am still working with the camera files and can say it is a learning curve, but when all the elements are there, the files are spectacular for their size, price, and portability. (I shoot medium format digital, so I can say the DPx Merrills are a good price!) I find the workflow easy, but I was trained in commercial studio shooting, so to others without that type of training it may appear cumbersome. I use a tripod ~70% of the time, but about half of that 70% is using a tabletop tripod. (Try doing that with a D700 + lens.) I take three bracketed shots, upload the files into the Sigma program, immediately dump them into a folder that will be exported into Lightroom, and complete all post-processing from there. The DPx Merrill cameras have helped me become more independent with a genre of personal photography that was being abandon due to my crazy perfectionist attitude towards gear. I am grateful for the marvelous street-shooting gear heads that led the way, and to Sigma, for taking the risk they did.
I want that bonus print!! Thank you for all the wonderful reads over the years and for deciding to make this a warm and cuddly place for the GIRLS! Best wishes, Darr/lene
@ jim: "interesting, particularly in light of the comments on a photo contest limited to women and the following assumptions about their interest in photo gear. I may be incorrect but none of those participating in this exercise seem to be women?? Maybe they are out photographing!!" "I am woman, hear me roar In numbers too big to ignore ..." darr* (a.k.a Darlene Christina Almeda) *some of us like to use the nicknames our loved ones have called us since we were wee-small. :)
Mike, I figured a while ago by one of your advertisers, (do not see them right now), that you were a sexist because you accepted an advertiser that was marketing a site that sold or rented sexist pictures of women (beautiful women or something like that). I took from that advertisement, this is a site that is directed towards a male crowd. I am a women, and a bit of a gear head, and have never been insulted by anything sexist on your site except the sexist advertiser that was anchored on the left side of my margin when I viewed your site. I found it to be a bit vulgar and happy to see it gone (at least for now). Sincerely, Darr a/k/a Darlene Christina Almeda
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2014 on For Women Readers at The Online Photographer
NEX-7 + nikon 50mm f/1.2
Sounds Good!!
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2014 on Ch-Ch-Changes at The Online Photographer
Does it really matter either way? Art that gets attention has served its purpose.
Mike, I understood your post and I kinda thought James appeared a bit hot under the collar, but then what do I know. I do not always understand your likes in photography, and I do not understand football (baseball fan), but I do understand kindness, and your blog is always kind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your wit and your kind words.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2014 on Mike Starts a Fight at The Online Photographer
Don't' get me started, I was educated to be an advertising photographer back in the days when it was 4x5" chromes photographing the lipstick on the tomatoes properly lit. Somethings change, but advertising dollars do not.
After a year or more of paying a cable bill that I realized I was not using except for internet service, I disconnected the TV service and have saved the cash. I know who Jimmy Fallon is from an old TV commercial starring him, a baby, and money, and I know who Johnny Carson was, but being entertained by TV left me a long time ago. I read photo blogs (love TOP) for entertainment. I do remember seeing Johnny's last show with Bette Midler, but I do not remember ever seeing a full Jay Leno Tonight Show. I have fallen off the TV road map.
Hasselblad should have given more thought to calling their re-branded Sony Nex camera something better than "Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition."
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2014 on To the Moon, Alice at The Online Photographer
I know first hand money cannot buy happiness. I walked away from a life of excess and have not looked back once! I do mourn the loss of Hoffman. What talent he had, but it obviously could not help him cope with living with himself. So sad.
Great mystery added to the elegance.
Wonderful picture and story. Fish was a beautiful soul. Last Thursday I lost my Shepard mix Sadie. I had her for 14 years after finding her on the side of the road in Miami abandoned. I dreaded when the day would come we would not share our lives together any longer, but I feel gradually more grateful and content as each day paseses knowing she was loved. My house is a bit quieter now and the other doggies are still looking for her as she nestles softly in my heart. How lucky I was to have had such a kind and loving soul to share my life with.
I am enjoying the reruns, Mike. Take care of yourself and don't worry. The internet is full of forums, but there is only one Mike and Lulu.
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2014 on Mike Update at The Online Photographer
The "Now" is all there ever is. I like your illustrations. (t=Now)
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2013 on What is Time? (OT) at The Online Photographer
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