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Peace, Buck cant give 50 a run because 50 owns Bucks career, research what a man gives up when he signs a music contract. Buck gave up. 50 will distroy Buck without a verse. Buck is not emancapated. A real gangster move would have been to remain humble and seek a release from that contract. He cant get no "legal" money until 50 is taken care of. We all know that the gevernment are the only ones who can get dirty money without reprocussions. Buck needs help, this keep it gangster illusion is going to back him into a corner that he cant come out of. Chess moves are the only way to defeat 50. His $$$$ too long!
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This is chess. Buck, never make decisions when your emotions are in a frenzy. Or when you are high. You just commited career suicide. 50 owns your music career. 50 lives by stratege, study his strategy to gain insight on how to get released from your contract. Your solution is in the 33 Strategies of War. Now he will crush you silently by letting you hang yourself. Whoever is encouraging you are not sincere in helping you. There is a time and place for everything, You had good material but at the wrong time, and the results equal 0! He is out doing a movie and not responding in public. I like your stuff Buck but you have signed your own death warrent. You can win the battles but 50 has won the WAR! R.I.P.
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Yes, This is chess not checkers! 50 owns Buck. These songs are a reflection of the inability Buck has to deal with his emotions, drug induced decisions. Buck, you play the humble man to get free before you attack. He... Continue reading
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Jan 5, 2010
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