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It's not speed (I run faster than you) that's being questioned it's speed of play. There were a few times when Beckerman and Torres would win the ball and then linger on it a split second too long and have it poked away by the recovering Mexican player. They have that split second of extra time playing in MLS and down in Mexico, but that time typically doesn't exist at the international level. If they can pick up the pace just a bit and move the ball along just a smidge quicker then they should find more minutes coming their way because they do some good stuff out there. They just need to really get accustomed to the quickness of play in the international game. But this is just my opinion of what I saw. We'll just have to wait and see what JK does in subsequent call-ups to see what his impressions were.
I feel he's done a good job (overall). But it is past time for a change. The time for change was after the World Cup. BB has done an admirable job, but there is a stagnation in the team. They don't have that spark that you saw in the last cycle. That being said, we don't need change just for the sake of change, i.e. if they hire Ericsson, as I've seen mentioned as a possible replacement, I'm not watching USMNT anymore. The team needs a change, but only if it is a top-quality manager.
Disagree. It's not an excuse it's what happened. Dolo is old, but he's been top shelf all tournament and this one. The second they took put Bornstein on Mexico started having real success on that side. Lichaj was having success stopping attacks down that side (not every attack, but it was night and day after the Dolo-Bornstein switch).
Losing Cherundolo turned that game... Bornstein kept up his long run of being out of position 99% of the time which causes chaos along the backline because Bocanegra has to cover for him which throws everyone out of alignment. We needed another right back (Chandler) instead of putting Bornstein out there. There were enough positives out there that I foresee Bradley staying on to build off the positives we saw out there.
Michael--male--28--Oklahoma City, OK--USMNT, whichever MLS teams lucky enough to make it on TV each week, Any team with Americans or American-friendly, Man United, Barcelona--2008 I believe
congrats Ives & crew!
Apologies, Ives. I over-looked the "close to" in your first reference. "a roster of close to 30 players made up mainly of MLS players and Scandinavian-based players" But... That was only one of the ways that joke could have gone. ;) Seriously though, I really appreciate the work you guys do. This is my go-to site for my soccer news :) I love you guys.
1. The upcoming 30-man roster may be smaller than last year's 30-man roster? There's a joke in there somewhere, I just don't know which way to go with it... Bazinga! 2. Findley to EPL? WTF!? I think I just died a bit inside. I guess they're starting a track team? 3. [sarcasm] I'm sooooo glad Beckham is 100% committed to MLS and the Galaxy. I would hate to see what he's like if he were uncommitted.[/sarcasm] I wonder if he shows this level of dedication and commitment to Posh as well. (SBI-Darth, you should read the camp roster item again, I only say 30-man roster once, meaning the roster is likely to have fewer players. Fair points on 2 and 3 though.)
I predict that I'm going to miss the game and be forced to avoid the internet and other humans until I get to watch it later via DVR. Why oh why do they always scheduled these Saturday US friendlies during my team's games? I can't remember the last time I got to watch a US game live on a Saturday evening.
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2010 on Remember When: March 26, 2008 at Soccer By Ives
Impressive. Most impressive.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2010 on Berbatov's wonder goal at Soccer By Ives Once again we take the "safe" option.
Clearly, someone in the Mexican National Team setup saw your plan nicely laid out on the napkin and is putting it into effect. I can see it now, Enrique Meza, standing there in his black hooded robe sending a message simultaneously across the globe to every Mexican National Team player, "Execute Order 66." The players immediately give their cross-chest salute, "It will be done, my lord!" and then call their agents "Get me on an MLS team NOW!" Do you see what you've started Kevin? Great going, buddy! :P
And Sion has now passed on Freddy...
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on Adu trialing with Swiss club Sion at Soccer By Ives
I haven't seen someone shoot as ineptly as Stammler did last night since... Speaking of poor shooting, I think I've got the perfect job for him. The Empire is always in need of new Stormtroopers.
Caption: The force is strong with this one!
Wait, there's an all-star game? Why didn't I sense it?
The dinner/watch party on Bespin went over so well for the last game. I've scheduled another watch party on the forest moon of Endor. As I pointed out before, this is still definitely NOT a trap! Again, all high-ranking rebels are invited...
No.. No. I said it definitely is not a trap! I wouldn't lie. Would I? :)
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