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My dear Lisa, My first instinct was to run to your defense, but God!!!! So I decided to talk truth, since I have been walking by you during this journey and know the truth of who you are. I praise God that He allowed me to see the true Lisa, full of faith, yet human. I praise God that He has used you so very mightily as the encourager to your mommy-in-law despite being just one short step ahead of her. I praise God because you have shown quite the opposite of "doubt" throughout this venture. And I praise God that you are surrounded by people who know the true Lisa and in the end, have come to the conclusion that you are their "hero" (after Jesus :-)... like me!) So my beloved sister and friend, you continue to shine that light that shines brighter than most... You continue to not close your eyes and minister and inspire the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who REALLY KNOW YOU... You continue to love and be loved the way no one else I know can... And finally you continue steadfast and immovable, trusting more and FearingLess just like you have so obviously been. Remember that sadness and emotions do NOT equal "doubt"... they equal a "human with emotions" and with that "humanness" (Is that a word?), you are reaching a multitude for our King's glory!!! I love you!
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Aug 12, 2010
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Aug 12, 2010
Hello beautiful lady! HI... All was better than expected huh??? GOD IS GOOD!!! I am sitting here at home right now... away from you and the frenzy of all who love you and want to bless you with love at the hospital. Our experiences these past two weeks have been quite different than what we were accustomed to throughout the many years together. And boy have we been through MANY MANY things, but this one was quite a doozy!!!! Eddie always says our friendship fluctuates from silly to dorky to happy to serious to businesslike etc, etc. And yet nothing came close to this, even when I had my health issue and you rescued me (you know what I mean) And so I am "wondering"... just like you told me you were doing the other day while you sat on your couch? Remember? Well, I am wondering too right now. What I wonder is why I am so blessed to have been among all those who love you because of the impact you have made in our lives. "For such a time as this" is so perfect now in hindsight. I thank God for putting you in my path and for allowing me a friend that loves me for being me... I thank Him for all the memories He has blessed us with and all those to come. But I mostly thank God for never leaving us nor forsaking us especially during this ride. Dr. D's hands were prayed for so much that the picture on this blog of Jesus guiding the physician's hand during a surgery is exactly how it went in that room with you!!! I am blessed tonight in the "not so quiet" of my house (too many males!) I am blessed because I know I will sleep and rest tonight. I am blessed... and so are you, because we share our Father who is watching over us from Heaven.... I love you so very much.....!!!! That is the meditation of this night...
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Aug 12, 2010