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Yep...googled nigger toes so here I am. I grew up calling Brazil nuts nigger toes. That's what my grandmother called them. Because of this blog I was moved to ask some of my black co workers what they know this nut as. (Just happened to buy a pack of 'em yesterday) They didn't miss a beat when they answered "nigger toes." Seems to me that it's just a descriptive name for a nut and nothing more. The issue of racism comes from thin skinned individuals just looking for something to find outrage in. For the record, I freely admit to despising the trend of "political correctness." How much more productive could we be if we didn't have to waste so much time filtering our conversations to make sure that we don't offend anyone with an innocent comment? I remember talking with an elderly black lady who shared the hospital room with my grandmother. She told me that she was a negro and that a nigger was a "ditch digger", aka unskilled/uneducated worker. Taken in that context, it would appear that nigger isn't the derogatory word that we have been conditioned to believe it to be.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on Nutty Racism at Non-Prophet
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Oct 18, 2010