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The Baquito saw it. Stu is playing very refined football these days, and I only see it getting better. At this point, Bob has two crises at midfield: JJ/Mike/Mo and Stu/Demps/Lando. I know 4-4-2 is akin to a pair of stonewashed jeans at this point, but: Demps-Jozy Lando-JJ-Mike-Holden Boca-Edu-Goodson-Dolo Tim The backline is so fluid right now. We have lots of potential challengers for D slots and I think any of the upstart suspects here will provide for more possession out of the back; I can't wait to see where we're at D-wise come Gold Cup time. I also have this theory that Guzan organizes the D better, could be wrong.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I was worried about that when it happened, but after its conclusion I thought the game was still well worth watching.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2010 on European Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Di Maria looks like C. Ronaldo's genetically less fortunate brother. It's eerie.
Ochoa's goal is worth a watch.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I had the same thought about Rolfe. I liked watching him play and hoped he'd do well in Europe. Seems like he's been on the injury list for a long time.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2010 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Nice. This is all going into the movie. Who should we cast as Broughton? I'm thinking Peter Gallagher for Rick Perry...
Thanks for the insight. Who can be held culpable for screwing Hicks and Gillette? I'm completely ignorant on this subject but it seems like the institution "screwing" Hicks and Gillette the most is the English Court system which doesn't answer to the Texas Court. So does NESV get punished because the Texas Court doesn't like an English court's decisions? Anyway, my real hope is that Rick Perry invades the Falkland Islands.
"On Wednesday owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett took out an injunction in Texas to block any proposed sale. But Judge Christopher Floyd said that ruling had no validity in England." Imagine that.
I hope this Liverpool/NESV debacle gets made into a movie. I want to direct the scene in the Texas judge's chambers.
Hmm... In that case, you might want to not watch the USMNT for a while. I hear the new World of Warcraft Expansion is coming out, maybe that will tide you over?
I don't know much at all about Columbia's defense so I can't speak to how I'd attack them specifically. I do know that I'd want most of the play developing on the ground through Dempsey with most of the rest coming through Holden. I'd want Bradley and Jones trailing the play, which goes without saying. Brek Shea is gritty and pulls off some surprises so I'd like to see what he could do. And I'd tell Jozy that tonight isn't a good match up for him, so he needs to anticipate and make runs accordingly. That's my biggest problem with Jozy, is he rarely makes the non-obvious run.
You are correct about Holden and Benny playing the wings (both pinching inside as they are wont to do). The 4-4-2 was often their defensive shape, as it was common to see Demps and Jozy squared up and chasing the possession across the Polish backline. That being said, I think the 4-2-3-1 was the offensive idea. And after saying all that, it was all very fluid. For example, you saw Holden, Demps and even Jozy tracking way back defensively. Some say fluid, some say disorganized. I could hear arguments for both, but in the end it was a new lineup in a new formation and I liked where it was going. Just clear the damn ball.
I'm just hoping to see Brek Shea at some point. This is prolly unlikely, but I'm hoping he perms his hair in an homage to Carlos Valderrama.
---------Jozy------------ Demps-----Stu--------Shea ----Jones----Junior------ Stache-Edu-Goodson-Lichaj --------Howard----------- (where Stache == "Heath Pearce's Moustache")
Plenty of incisive passing from the midfield. Rewatch the game keeping an eye on Holden and Jones.
I realize I should switch Clint to right and Benny to left. Meh, y'all get the picture.
Jozy Clint-Bradley-Benny Stu-Jones Boca-Edu-Goodson-Lichaj Timmy
haha, sweet! i was the guy that started the day talking to you about half-baked soccer opinions and ended the afternoon scream-mumbling about teams that didn't even qualify and how ferris wheels aren't "all that".
Last WC, I timed a job switch to accomplish a two week vacation at Lucky Bar during the World Cup. Good scene.
Well, it was standing room only for US/England, but for US/Turkey it was damn near morose. I think it gets an acceptable crowd for EPL matches and there was good attendance for the UEFA final. I haven't explored much else although I've heard DiMillo's sports bar gets a ManU crowd. Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll in Old Port got the official US Soccer Bar status for some reason, which is kinda lols if you ask me but I shouldn't knock before I try. And I've never met a lobster roll I didn't like.
Ri Ra in the Old Port, Portland, Maine.
Germany's Ozil had a beauty of a dive that earned him a card.
Petaluman was Godwinned in six minutes. Impressive.
BB should study the French's tactics versus the English: