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Thanks for this post! It gives me a lot to think about. These sorts of problems affect public schools as well, and your question about what to do once felt accountability is lost is especially relevant. As a principal, it's really hard to change the direction of a school where people (teachers or students) have been ground down and show up only because they feel they don't have other choices. That doesn't exist everywhere, but when it does, it's hard to watch. How do you train and support someone who is crazy enough to take on that challenge? An underlying thread that resonated with me: Felt accountability is internal to the organization and precedes external accountability. Elmore talks about this for schools, but in this case, the what most shocks us about the United story is the disenfranchisement inside the organization muffles their attention to outside signals. My mind keeps going to schools and their relationships with parents and policy.
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Aug 23, 2012