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I think you are missing something. I don't think Kimberlin's actual goal is "relief" of anything. His primary goal, in my opinion, initially was to intimidate those who would write against him and/or interfere with what he was doing politically. As that did not work due to the nature and sheer volume of the net goal #2 is to cause the maximum inconvenience to said foes. Thus very motion, every delay, every single day that the defendants in this case constitutes a "victory" for Mr. Kimberlin et/al and of course there is always the tiny chance that one of said defendants will make a mistake that Mr. Kimberlin can pounce on. That is what this is all about and the only price he is paying consists of time that he has plenty of. And of course there is always the outside chance that friends may help fund all of this.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2014 on Brett Kimberlin’s Dilemma at CL&P Blog
There is a rule that says when you are in a hole stop digging, some points. While I'm delighted at your acknowledgement of constitutional rights I'm afraid you have chosen to define yourself poorly By your explanation any person who follows a religion that disagrees with your is a bigot, that would include all Christians, Buddhists (yes Buddhism rejects homosexuality but that's not emphasized in the press, too many in the left like it) and of course Islam (Where their expression of dislike veers to the point of barbarism and murder but I digress). It also means that apparently until just a few years ago the vast majority of the population of the US was populated by bigots, all 18th, 19th & 20th century presidents were bigots from FDR, to JFK. A considerable amount of black ministers are apparently bigots and until just a few months ago our current president was a bigot, until he saw the light (or the green but whatever). Normally I would give the simple logical line that if you allow marriage to be redefined once you can again and there is no rational basis to forbid polygamy if you allow gay marriage (see this post on the ick factor from a few years ago) and my argument that this is all about narcissism ... ...but as I've gotten older I've decided I've had my fill of people throwing words like "bigot" around unanswered, therefore by calling those who follow Christians "Bigots" you and those who agree with that designation label yourselves "anti-christian zealots" (or anti Buddhists or anti Muslim etc you get the picture). Sicilians as a rule generally don't tarry places where they are not wanted, if my friend Jimmie Bise Sundries Shack was not down I might have commented there instead, but so be it. I've enjoyed your work, both in TNG and as one of the early bloggers and you've turned a small role in Big Bang Theory into something great. But if me and mine aren't wanted that's fine, I'll just wish you luck on the blog and be on my way.
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Feb 15, 2012