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Founder of Small Church Pastor which provides encouragement, resources, coaching and consulting to pastors of smaller churches.
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Many of my clients don't have their own buildings. About 2/3rds of the time when I was pastoring (29 years) we didn't have our own building. It's a bit of a pain but your advice really can reduce the pain considerably. Another interesting thing I discovered once we got our own building. Some members of the setup and teardown crew commented that they missed the fellowship they experienced each morning while setting up. I'm going to float your article around my network.
I like Mark's point it's just that most of the statistics her uses are greatly outdated and may or may not be currently accurate. I do, however, hope that his article will make those outside of the pastorate aware of the burnout that effects many inside of the pastorate.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2011 on Why So Many Pastors Are Unhappy at MAG says ...
Really good advice, the problem is that although you say you love church planters (and I don't doubt that) you're still calling some of them dumb, or at least that they do dumb things. Church planters who are having a slow go of it are already suffering from doubts and discouragement. A great title for your article that would not send an unintended message (some church planters do dumb things) would be Five Stupid Things I Did In My First Church Plant. No problem with your 5 points, only the impression it gives. Dave Jacobs
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Oct 13, 2010