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Hi Mike Here's an idea for those hundreds of items too small to list. Grab Bag by brand, size, age, type, or whatever fits in a bag. $10 or whatever... plus shipping. Donate proceeds to your fav charity. Or buy more stuff!
Here is a link to sample pics from the 50D. granted 3 of 4 are with L glass.... Most interesting to me is the electronic lens calibration/adjustment feature. I'd venture to guess anyone with L glass - may have already spent the equivalent of a used 40D body getting some of those lenses re-calibrated for maximum performance for different bodies over time; outside regular lens maintenance costs. Anyone have any real-world feedback on how well this adjustment option worked on the 1DIII, vs sending the body/lens out for factory recalibration (at $200 to $300 a pop)???? Of course if the AF circuit is out of mechanical alignment, the electronic adjustment would not help. Of secondary interest is the new preview screen that might be actually sharper than the cotton-candy grade one on the 40d. 15megapixels also gives sports/wildlife photographers who cannot afford the 1D series a little more breathing room for cropping. I have a 30" monitor which is unforgiving of any resolution woes at full screen; and on this monitor, the 7MB sample landscape picture is ridiculously detailed. Perhaps as good as medium format back of perhaps 4-5 years ago or so? For $1300 bucks!?
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2008 on Canon 50D Due in October at The Online Photographer
As a novice animal rescuer and pet photographer (yes, horses & dogs) who does not particularly follow racing or gambling news or happenings, I believe the difference Mike, is that humans can decide for themselves if taking unnecessary sporting risks are worth it. Such as a nascar driver. However animals are forced into that risk and servitude - only to provide entertainment and profit. As a horse, you win or at least finish the tracks, or you fall and die. Horses cannot survive a bad leg injury so its rather ironic that this majestic species was selected for racing entertainment. I suppose its because a Cheetah or the like - would shred anyone attempting to "train" it to run in a circle when it has other things on its agenda. The dilemma is: Some individual animals do very much enjoy running vs sitting around eating grass all day. And they get top medical care and feed in return for free. Unless they fall. But some animals are traumatized over the whole racing life and pressure. Former Greyhound dogs (coming into rescue) - seem to have a particular blank stare for awhile after retirement. Then most of them warm up into normal dogs after they are away from the track. Anyone with a rescue dog of any breed knows what I'm talking about (and the rescues are often from other types of "out of their element" situations, not just racing.) So what are these racing animals, while they are living at the track - that they don't even know their own species traits/behaviors? (Yes I know not all race animals are physically abused. I am speaking of mental issues; as in why do we bother putting animals in this situation?) Humans have always wanted to wager on something that runs - be it biological or mechanical. So does it matter what species is doing the running really? Why not line up the jockeys themselves on their own two God given feet, and race them, in uniform? That would be amusing, you can "bet" on that! Another thought: If gambling on animals running in a circle with no choice - is legal, then why is it illegal then to bet on the Boston Marathon; where the runners clearly understand the risk/rewards? I'd be in full support of that, vs forcing animals into that life. (other than forcing animals into things they would not normally be doing....I know there's the whole "how hamburgers are made" branch of discussion of the argument. I must say, I do enjoy a good hamburger. Shame on me!) from, A daily visitor.
Easy way to get rid of **neon green foliage** Photoshop, Hue/Saturation .. pick yellows: crank it down -5 to -20. Cartoon trees are gone and Earth trees are back! Of course if you have a person in the foreground... this may not work so swell without masking :)
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