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Have to agree with the others. While this building is eco-friendly and I like the mixed use aspect of it. It's ugly and I'm afraid it's not going to age well.
I can't support this bond measure. First of all, I agree that Portland schools are in horrible shape. The lack of routine maintenance has caused them look like schools you might see in the third world. However, my problem is with how the money is being spent. One of the biggest chunks of money is going for a rebuilt of Jefferson high school. This is a high school that is simply not needed. The parents have voted by sending their kids elsewhere. The kids have voted by being the first high school that I ever recall to not nominate a single student for the Rose Festival. The school board can't make any hard decisions so instead they are using our money to cover up their indecisiveness. Let's cut down the number of buildings that need to fixed up and modernize and then I'll vote for it.
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Mar 16, 2011