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Dave (in MA)
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Ann Orexia tweets that Barr must resign if Maxwell commits "suicide".
Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays · “Dark” is back. The New York Times@nytimes · Breaking News: President Trump delivered a dark and divisive speech at Mount Rushmore, leaning into the culture wars and barely mentioning the pandemic.
The Hill@thehill · Neil Young opposes use of his music at Trump Mt Rushmore event: "I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux"
I noticed the shitty Stones song was replaced with the anti-GHWB Neil Young song. That'll probably go over real big at Broken Arrow Ranch.
FNC not bothering to carry the fireworks.
thebradfordfile™@thebradfordfile · LOL. CNN and MSNBC are officially against fireworks due to the risk of forest fires because orange man bad. These people are insane.
She's the "Master" of ceremonies.
A celebrity is allowed to be pro-Trump?
Expect more of this self-marrying, if the Dems win.
My brother lives 4 houses away from a gun range and his beagle has no reaction to the gunfire, thunder or fireworks. He adopted her around the 1st week of Wu-Flu shutdown.
Masks unquestionably help. When entering an establishment with a masks required sign, masks help you avoid Karen yelling at you.
Screengrab I took from video.
It might even be from the Obama Regime, but I'm not letting that bother me.
Not sure if photoshopped, but nice nonetheless...
XiNN 4AM holiday weekend bad news dump: CNN@CNN · 17h A surprising new study found that the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients better survive in the hospital. "Surprising". "Controversial".
Seen on Twitter, paraphrased: Ghislane woke up this AM pleasantly surprised not to have committed suicide.
Thanks, henry
What time is POTUSDJT expected? I have a bunch of bandcamp stuff to listen to.
Site of Democrat counter-rally:
Today is another Bandcamp 0% commission day when proceeds go 100% to the musicians, in case anyone is interested.
Marty Walsh was lecturing Boston about ILLEGAL fireworks yesterday and said the police would be looking for lawbreakers. You know what else is illegal, you idiot? Rioting and blocking traffic, but you're OK with that if the politics are right.
Ancient Chinese secret, huh?
In lieu of scoops, I should think cowcatchers on trucks or bulldozers would get the job done.
Bring out the Soylent scoops.