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David Recordon
San Francisco, CA
Interests: scuba diving
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Richard, we've discussed this many times. The OpenID Foundation does not run an OpenID service. You will need to contact whomever you registered your OpenID with, not me.
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I certainly don't want to explain SAML to end users! ;)
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2010 on OpenID: technology or a movement? at David Recordon
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There's been an interesting discussion on the OpenID mailing lists the past few days stemming from my post Seven sites you didn’t know were using OpenID. The main argument is that because many of these sites aren't letting people use any OpenID, that we shouldn't be promoting them. To me this stems from a deeper question about what OpenID actually is. On one hand OpenID is clearly a technology. Created in 2005, OpenID 1.1 allowed for basic authentication of people who were represented by profile URLs across the web. But OpenID 2.0 is a pretty different technological beast. It supported both URLs and XRIs which made discovery overly complex, features such as clicking a button to sign in versus typing a full URL, and was designed to be extensible which led to richer profile data and stronger authentication. Today OpenID... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2010 at David Recordon
I think that you may be misunderstanding how I was describing discovery for OpenID Connect. I used the example of to show that it absolutely must be decentralized and support the ability for anyone to host their identity anywhere they'd like (including on their own server!). While I believe that many people will choose to use larger services, the ability to run your own OpenID server is absolutely critical. (This is similar to email today; anyone can run an email server but the vast majority of people trust large services to host theirs.) As I think multiple people have explained to you in the past, the OpenID Foundation does not run an OpenID Provider on or any other domain. You must contact the provider you were using and not us!
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The past twenty days have been a real whirlwind in terms of new sites adopting OpenID for sign in. Some of the larger deployments have made the news (Google and Yahoo! Store), but here are seven others you’ve likely not heard about. — OpenID Blog Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2010 at David Recordon
For the underlying user identifier, take a look at which is what's hopefully the start of a great discussion on the working group about the exact topic you raised. Yep, the profile URL isn't something you're directly proving control over unlike in OpenID 1.0 and 2.0. It would be returned via the user info API but is worth calling out in this context as it was previously thought of as the main identifier in OpenID.
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What was the # used for? OpenID 2.0 used it to version identifiers but it was a pretty big hack that never worked in reality. That's one of the reasons I think that we should separate profile URLs (where you care about recycling the namespace) from the underlying user identifier which should be HTTPS and never reassigned.
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OpenID 2.0 has tension between the identifier being secure and globally unique, memorable, and human friendly. OpenID Connect must split them apart. Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2010 at David Recordon
I normally think that GoDaddy is out to scam me in any way possible, but this is the most clear communication about a terms of service change that I've ever received! Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2010 at David Recordon
I'm up in Portland today at the first Federated Social Web Summit and there have been a number of interesting presentations about open source projects trying to build interoperable social experiences. The morning has also been fairly packed with emerging technology buzzword bingo. At times it felt as if people were starting with the technologies and protocols and only then trying to find a product that needs PubSubHubbub enabled JSON hCards federated via OStatus! The Diaspora talk jumped out to me as they twice said, "we've implemented this product feature as a prototype, it works, and now we want to talk about the standard version of it." That's the right way to build standards. Have a product problem, solve it, and then iterate with others on an open specification. But most importantly, don't be afraid of starting over (while learning... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2010 at David Recordon
Kevin Marks and I were talking about Mark's book a bit last night. First of all, it's awesome! It's the most approachable resource for web developers around HTML5. That said, it still doesn't seem like what is included in Mark's book is an authoritative definition of "HTML5". For example, it includes Microdata and doesn't mention "HTML5 Notifications". Someone other than browser vendors' marketing teams need to define what technologies are a part of HTML5 for web developers based on what is actually supported by the major browsers in non-beta releases. Obviously this definition will evolve over time.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2010 on What is HTML5? at David Recordon
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While treating HTML5 as a broad umbrella brand helps everyone feel like there's a chance to have their problem solved as a part of it, website owners aren't clear on what's worth shipping when. As an outsider it feels like having a simple "implement this stuff to make your website support HTML5" page based on what non-beta versions of browsers have shipped would be incredibly useful. Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2010 at David Recordon
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Jan 22, 2010
Take a look at for a bunch of research Google did in this area.
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