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Dave Plumb
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I'm giving this a shot today. Two questions: 1.) I don't supposed there's an app that runs through the inifile.xml and actually creates a Revit.INI file is there? Would it be possible to pull that chunk out an let us run it against our file to test? That would be a whole lot easier than a half-hour full install just to see if you edited the xml file right. 2.) Could you post an example of the Library Locations section? That one has some formatting that's different than the others you've shown. [RVT_UNITSTANDARD] Library=[RVT_PATH_LIBRARIES],[RVT_UNITSTANDARD] Detail Library=[RVT_PATH_DETAILS] Can I add my own locations? What does [RVT_UNITSTANDARD] do? Thanks
I didn't now that you could add parameters if they weren't Calculated Values. Nice. But, you had to know where this thread was going to go.... We really need String concatenation in Tags. The whole boat - concatenating, Left$, Mid$, Right$ (to steal the VB function names), adding constant strings (such as Width " x " Depth). etc. etc. etc.
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Jan 31, 2011