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Not sure if it's good. If I'd have had the presence of mind, I'd have grabbed one of my primes.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2015 on Moon and Planets at The Online Photographer
"I can say with feeling that the best thing about it is its image quality." Is that buyer's remorse I'm hearing, damning by faint praise? Or is image quality the most important thing from a camera? I don't own an EM-5, though I have a number of Oly E-series bodies and lenses, and an E-PM1 that I enjoy. My next body is going to be the EM-5, but I don't seem to mind fiddly little buttons like some people do - and I am looking for that image quality in a camera that doesn't sacrifice my investment in time, experience, and lenses in the Oly family. The fact that it resembles the Olympus OM-1 ads I used to see on the back of Scientific American 40 years ago is pretty sweet too. (I may be mis-remembering the placement of the ad, but I will forever associate Olympus with SciAm, which is probably why I started out on the E-520 four years ago as my first DSLR.)
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Refreshments! at The Online Photographer
Mu. ;-)
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Jun 7, 2011