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Dave Russell
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One truth we need to remember when it comes to the modern ed reform movement is that what we are seeing now is one brick in the long haul plan devised by corporatist reformers many years ago. In effect, parents, teachers, administrators and anyone who has any hopes of bolstering the effectiveness inside the public school house are finding themselves as "boiled frogs." By the time we notice the reforms, the super structure is already in place, the dollars have already been allocated and the legislators are already bought. This post is not a deceleration of resignation as much as a call to action. Mr. Russo has it wrong when he states "It's not just that they're out there shouting randomly into the wind, either." By and large, those who wish education reform was more student centric and less corporate centric are by and large a collection of disorganized pockets of frustration and dissent. By Contrast, Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst lauds the group's focused and highly organized letter writing, phone and email blitz that has resulted in being the dominant source of information and schema building of largely ignorant legislator in States that have championed the Corporatist reform agendas. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant that is us. If there is any hope at all for stopping the madness, changing the course of ed reform and developing policy that benefits ALL CHILDREN, not just the charter or sliver spoon students, then we need to galvanize our collective voice, stand up and roar. What say ye? Where shall we meet - SOS, PAA? Without a collective gathering of reasoned thought, unified purpose, solutions based action items, then we frogs are not only boiled, but served up as well, and we only have ourselves to blame.
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Dec 29, 2011