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My ex husband and I have been apart for 5 years and divorced for 3. I married as soon as my divorce was final. My ex has a 3rd degree felony conviction for abusing my oldest daughter who was his step daughter when she was 15. He has had mininmal to do with my 2 kids that I have with him since then despite the visitation agreement. He lives 3 hrs from me and was supposed to have them 1 weekend a month. He only pays child support because I pursued it being directly taken from his national guard check. My son has for the last year not wanted anything to do with his "father" more appropriately the sperm donor. My ex won't sign off on him but doesnt take any steps to be there for his son either. We were told that when my son turns 16 he can petition the court to imancipate himself from his real father and have by husband adopt him. Is this true?
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Sep 17, 2010