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David B Rasch
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Most christian wannabes use the default 'as far as the text is correctly (read OUR version) translated. Self serving. When stuff like this shows up there will always be Christians so ignorant of their scripture that they will believe the muslim version. Pipes and Spencer cover this very well. READ THE BOOK!
O'Reilly calls almost everyone, even women, they are 'stand up guys'. That being said, the gist of the interview for me is the light in which the muslim man, Rehab, (is that pronounced reehab as in rehabilitate?) shows islam to be intolerant. The childish comparisons and analogies demonstrate an immature attitude toward the West. I call this 'the thousand year leap' in civilization muslims are unable for the most part to take.
...coming to a neighborhood near (Dearborn, MI) near you. Will set the pattern for a Chicago run by Rham Immanuel.
This sounds like something out of Hitler's Germany! A seventh century which, today in the twenty first century, condones-no encourages such beastial behavior. Has anyone asked Hussein O'Bama for a comment? How about Holt?
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Jul 1, 2010