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Very cool, Kylie -- I especially smiled for the 'Wuv You'! Sounds like a genius child to me too :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2009 on A Few Things I Know at chapter XVII
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Really, the Twilio functionality has fundamentally changed our business -- what seemed like a nice 'add-on' feature has actually changed our tracking abilities -- previously, calls would get placed to teachers, but we had no way to know if they were happening, and no way to communicate to teachers that we were helping them get these calls. Now, we can include a small (2-3 seconds) of TeachStreet branding with each call, and also give teachers extra value (by hiding their personal phone number if they desire, record messages for later, etc.). And, since launch, we've experimented with some other use-cases -- we look forward to additional product add-ons (giving teachers a heads up when they get their first student, so they know to look a little more carefully at the new-student e-mails, etc.). Really -- Twilio team, you're rocking it! Dave
Hey Team Twilio -- did you TRY this app? I admit that the ease of setup was great, but the transcription was pretty bad. And, I thought that I'd get the sound file attached somehow, so I could decipher it myself later. I know that beggars can't be choosers, but I'm not sure this one adds a lot of value for me. Love the innovation, but...
You're the best, Dave -- it's been wonderful getting to know you -- it's always interesting and fun!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2009 on DMC Metamorphosis :) at Master of 500 Hats
I'm sure I've got a very similar photo -- gotta dig it up!
Love your work -- was very very tempted by those felt coasters with the tandem bike on them :-)
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