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I agree with the commenter above, that it's frustrating that more people don't use the reusable mugs more often. I'm one of those people. But I'd argue that it's days like this that can start changing habits, and it make take a year or two. I'm setting a goal for May to use reusable mugs at coffee shops. And I can help reinforce that message with friends.
Full Disclosure -- Dave's an investor and Board member in my company (TeachStreet), and a very good friend. Dave -- I thought Mike's article was interesting -- I'll assume that he got the 'facts' from SOMEONE (3) who was in the room, as those people interpreted them. They could have been less active Super Angels (that term's preposterous, by the way -- you really wanted to be called 'Super'? Short bus anyone? I'd be running from it -- if we were in middle school I'd have a shorter word to describe it). First -- I'd think you'd already spend too much time with the majority of those people. You're all sort of big shits at this point, and you'd be the first to howl if you happened upon similar gatherings, as 'Streich' highlighted (if it impacted your going-concern-ness or any of your investments/friends). I don't think you'd ever wade into collusion. But, how'd you feel about a group of VCs gathering before the next round? Second -- my hunch is that the story DOES have something to do with PR, as all of the echo-chamber-ness of the Valley. Timing with Disrupt is a tad coincidental. To dismiss it all as totally out of hand is a little odd, especially when the group hasn't gone on record regarding who was/wasn't there, especially given the Foursquare/Gowalla-ness of the majority of these folks -- why is this the one (of 900) places they didn't check in to during that 7 hour timespan? That's odd. Don't play me, playa :-) Dave P.S. Dude -- come on -- Typepad Comments? Eat some of your own web 2.0 dogfood and help a playa out -- you ever hear of Disqus or InstantDebate? P.P.S. See you in Seattle in 30 hours -- we'll get some prominent Sub-Angels together to collude on wayward Seattle startup pricing.
I totally agree with this approach, Andy -- that said, it can be seen as naive if you are an open negotiator, and taken advantage of by someone who doesn't share your sense of sharing. Some people take the approach in every negotiation that they absolutely MUST win something, even if they've already achieved more than their goals, heading in to the deal. Would love to discuss this dynamic with you sometime, as it continues to surface. I try to be savvy in negotiations, but when a trust level has been attained, and my goals have been reached/exceeded, I favor pushing for forward progress. That may not be the most admirable 'take all prisoners' CEO characteristic.
I had a fantastic time, Brent -- your team did a great job moderating, and keeping us informed. And, the product really is fantastic -- we look forward to more feature development (be sure to e-mail folks when you do... often I only find out when I log in to the product, and I wouldn't mind being teased with a monthly e-mail or the like.). Onward...
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Dec 10, 2009