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Well, I'm a PH and the Rev had her service Sunday morning. After three services on Christmas eve that were very well attended we had a nice group on Christmas morning. And at the end instead of just the usual words of the "sending to serve" - she had us icing sugar cookies and sent us to take them to the fire stations, police stations and emergency rooms for the people who had given up their Christmas to serve us. We had a great time.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2011 on Where Were You On Christmas Day? at Questing Parson
OMG, you have given me a whole new perspective to what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2011 on An Essay: A 150 Year Consequence at Questing Parson
Well done Ashley. And remember that not all Christians believe in banning gay marriage so it isn't just imposing Christian beliefs upon non-Christians.
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Sep 23, 2010