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Dave Tutin
Interests: songwriting. playing and collecting guitars. collecting signed first edition books with musical connections or poetry. modern art. food & wine. writin
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Damn that's a great quote! Where did you find that SM?
I was CD on Oracle for several years back when Grey was developing a wider roster of clients and was not totally dependent on puking babies. My favorite Larry story is this. We were leaving his office together one afternoon and he walked over to a gleaming new Bentley. "Nice" I said, "but don't you already have a Bentley?" He gave me that rich man's smirk and said, "I sold can I have two Bentleys and still be a man of the people." I had no answer!
Thinking on this more, I think your dislike for pure brand ads - the warm and fuzzy shit that overtly seeks to "link" a brand with certain emotions or causes - is justified George. Specially where the only measure is brand perceptions. But that said, you have to adit that Apple is one of the most powerful brands with a very clearly defined brand image, character and brand loyalists. But this was achieved through consistently great products and a VERY consistent approach to marketing and advertising those products. So Apple is a powerful brand in the minds of many millions of people but that position was achieved through selling products (with the possible exception of the Think Different launch ad that was pure brand advertising). I guess there's a big difference, to me at least, between selling ads that brand and branding ads that fail to sell.
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Dyson products are actually quite good. But they have done a pretty good job of branding. I simply cannot see why the two don't go hand in hand and why he cannot acknowledge that. My perception from the advertising is that Dyson is inventive and technologically ahead of the pack. That's branding. And if the products live up to that perception you have a winning combo just like Apple.
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All that may be true. It does not mean that the Facebook involvement isn't the way that Zuckerporn realized he'd better buy this thing before someone else did. And George was kind - one of the reasons kids took to Instagram so quickly is because it's a "safe" way to swap self-shot porn! I wish people would examine what has been bought rather than who is doing the buying.
I don't get patriotic about many things. But, not to belittle all the other heroic efforts, the Spitfire pretty much saved us from being overrun by Hitler. It and the guys who flew it. Sad thing is, seeing the homeland today, they'd be wondering why they bothered! I hope the Repubs here have an open eye on the UK. Pretty much proves all their ideas won't work. Next month: legalized spying on his own citizens if Cameron gets his way.
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Someone else should be the Pepsi of beers: do a taste test campaign (bound to win) and wrap up with the line "Bud's a dud. Choose x." Thanks for the du-jour award!
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Was not advocating that as a strategy (although someone at Coca-Cola once told me their target audience was "anyone with a mouth") just pointing out, as many more have done since, that strategy played no role in this embarrassment - and the client's strategy was neither questioned nor discussed. Demographics are fine - but trying to get one to do something it just doesn't seem interested in is a waste of time and money. Even though these people believe 18-24 year olds consume the most fast food (something I personally doubt) it does not automatically follow they will change their habits to get a fast-food breakfast. Surely the breakfast audience is more likely office workers or construction workers etc? Demographics is about finding the group that already wants what you have to offer. It's not about trying to convince someone who does not want what you have that they are wrong! Only client greed pushes strategy down that road.
Sorry about all the it's instead of its etc. Damn iPad thinking for me!
Brilliant. Welcome to the house of cards 2012 style. Some fuckers will get fucking rich and then the rest of us will watch as the house collapses. No different to the last dot com bust. Facebook will ultimately fail because it's users see it as a service whereas the owners and investors have no choice but to see it tied to advertising. Facebook will fail because these two groups disagree on the use of personal data. Every time FB has tried to monetize (hate that word!) it's data it has met with huge resistance from users. Facebook is probably lying about its number of users - you'd need a server farm the size of fucking Nebraska to serve that many people! And Facebook certainly has not - as Ms Taylor points out - cracked mobile ads. We are not even sure mobile ads work. If finding the nearest steak house when I'm in a strange city is advertising, fine, but it is not the kind of brand loyalty or brand preference that advertising is supposed to generate. It's just an equation of luck and location. Not worth a lot. Even worse than the "retail" ads the industry has long looked down upon and clients expect for almost no investment. Facebook is a trend. Start a social network today that is not based on advertising as its means of survival and Facebook will be history. The fuckers will still get fucking rich. Good for them. But anyone who thinks Facebook is e future of advertising is just dumb. The backlash will make for great spectator sport.
I believe that in order to save any shred of credibility it has left, the advertising industry should embark on a little self regulation. Political ads should meet a newly drawn up set of criteria. This would level the playing field for all at least in terms of content. Facts would have to be proven, personal attacks could be banned, and juvenile shit like this deemed below the stature of the office the idiot is running for. Of course, if I had my way I'd also limit the spending of each party to the same amount - as they do in the UK. Right now there's nothing to stop the Republicans with their bottomless and mindless pockets via Super Pacs from spending Spielbergian amounts of money on mini-documentaries - oh fuck, I hope I didn't just give them an idea!!
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Now that's funny...or being a Brit, I laughed my arse off! I think it should be America Buying American...ABA. Because it goes far beyond GM.
OK, it never was. But I think it's absolutely fair to say the circumstances have changed. In another era, another company, another economy, we might not have an issue with this. But right now? Another classic case of social deafness. If there were no US company capable of giving GM what it needs I'd say fair enough...but as George says, media planning and buying is not fucking brain surgery. There are several ways in which GM could get all it buying American after America brought it back from death.
And only tonight President Obama used GM as an American success story. Will someone please have the guts to fire this fucker. He must have a boss...and that boss is probably blissfully unaware of what Ewanick is doing, he probably only sees the numbers. And that's how this whole fuck-up got started! American taxpayers restored GM to the #1 position in the world...we should overrule this stupid decision. George...start an online petition...bring GM media back to America. The general public is unaware of these dumb decisions. When Ewanick says he should have done this a long time ago...does he mean before his company needed our taxes to stay alive?
I say yes. Someone has to remind us what a fucking great time could once be had in this now dismal business.
Pitching new business was the part of the business I enjoyed most. Whenever we won, I noticed, was when we arrived at the idea quite quickly. The time was then needed to show the client how that idea worked across every conceivable medium - since clients, many years ago, lost the ability to understand roughs. Everything had to look like finished ads - and if you could shoot a sample TV spot even better. It must have been great to work in the biz when an idea could be sold as just that: a concept that the client understood was right without seeing a room full of boards and videos. This is why pitches became so expensive and spawned the totally fruitless and unnecessary pitch consultants.
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DFCB is a microcosm of American business. Sad, sick, inexplicable, greedy cronyism. George always says that advertising is fucked. I think the country is fucked if we don't get these assholes out of leadership positions. The problem in advertising like every other business from banking to Coca-Cola is that if someone rises up with a better way they get put down by the powers that be. Taking that hill is all but fucking impossible. But we have to try.
Furthermore, the BIG spot - which I agree is stupid - is a bad rip off of the rather more brilliant BIG spot for Barclays Bank featuring Anthony Hopkins.
Personally I feel sorry for one word more than all the rest: idea. It gets attached to shit these days that doesn't even come close to meriting the description.
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He's walking to Scotland 'cos he's fucking sick of caipirinhas!
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We need more Steve Jobs. We need more companies like Apple. We need more advertising like Apple's. Steve reminded us always - and all the god's know we need it - that we live in potentially great times. We just need the fucktards to get out of the way.
Ha! Most of the time I rode the subway. Pre and post Blamer - though I fail to see the connection. I must admit that using Limo services was rampant at McCann some years earlier. But as a self-proclaimed ad BOY you would not remember those days.
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One of my favorite memories from my years in New York is the cabbie I rode with several times who had a sign in the back that said, "I speak English and I know the city - no extra charge."
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From Mad Men... "all they do is buy space, at a 15% commission. We throw in the creative for free, so we do what we like..." Those were the days! And Kev thinks he's still in them.