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I thought this was common knowledge. I had no idea there was an "urban legend" surrounding this. Wild. I've always treated this as fact. I remember the stories and don't know how it went from fact to possible fiction to begin with.
This is funny. Read the last blog, when people thought Floyd would be hired, and you have "Bob Stull is a genius". It's only a couple of days later and people want him fired. AND NO ONE HAS EVEN BEEN HIRED YET! Give me a break. Dickey is a good coach with a good lineage. He has paid his dues and should be a head coach somewhere, UTEP or not. Sure Billy G. or Floyd would be great hires, but like I said the other day, it would be a major coup to hire either one. Dickey is more realistic and he would probably stay for a long time. I like the guy. It wouldn't be a bad hire. Sure it's not one of the 2 people are wanting, but he definitely deserves a look. Let's put it in perspective. You are the assistant manager of your business. You have been there quite a while and have been successful. Your boss up and leaves. Don't you think it makes good business sense for the company to take a good look at you? They wouldn't be a good company if they didn't. Sure they may go "outside" and hire another entity, or bring someone back who was successful before. But you would deserve a good look, you would expect it (after all you earned it) and they wouldn't be doing their due diligence if they didn't at least consider you for the opportunity. Yes, it is a conservative pick. But just because it is the conservative option does not mean it is a bad one. Bashing Dickey is just mean spirited, he has done nothing to deserve it (except good coaching and being loyal to UTEP). And bashing Stull for doing his due diligence is just plain ignorant. Fans should be excited to see a guy who has stuck it out here get his chance when others have left. I like Billy, Floyd and Dickey. If those are the top 3, I have nothing to complain about, we will be in good shape. Now if they were thinking of bringing back Rab, I would be singing a completely different tune! Having fun yet? We should know very, very soon.
Miner Illustrated (via the EP Times) is reporting current UTEP asst. Randall Dickey is the front runner. What happened to Floyd's "done deal" Joe?
Prospero, you don't have to believe me, but it is just a hunch on Joe's part. As you posted, Floyd HAS reportedly interviewed for the Houston job. Joe went out on a limb on this one. I like Joe, but he pulled a bait and switch. He may end up being right and that's great, but it's just his opinion. Please don't take it for more than what it is. It will be a major coup if we land Floyd or Gillespie...major coup! And how come EW and Lowercase haven't secured season tickets prior to this situation popping up? And Bob Stull being a genius? Really EW? He's done a good job, but genius is a bit overstated, don't you think? I think he will get a building named after him eventually, but I doubt there is any AD in the country that has had that honor while still actively working. Just my 2-cents. BTW, Houston is supposed to announce their new coach as early as today (Saturday)...let the nail biting begin!
I don't know how you can extrapolate it's a "done deal" (or with which coach) from what Stull said. You may have leanings one way or the other, but that quote is about the most ambiguous thing I've ever read. Everyone is a prognosticator and that's okay, but don't lure everyone in with "I know something you don't know" and then get your answers from a "Magic 8-Ball". You may be right, but it's just a hunch. Anything other than that is laughable. I would like to see Gillespie or Floyd here, they are both good fits, great coaches, good recruiters and know the town. Billy G will have to win some people over, but the same people who complain about him leaving seem to be the same ones who understand why Barbee left, which is complete hypocrisy. I was very upset when Gillespie left, but he is a great coach and I would rather have him for us than against us. As for Floyd, everybody loves the guy, but I hope his baggage doesn't effect us in the long run if he is hired. We may not get either guy, who knows. My "hunch" is we should find out who our new coach is sometime next week, it will be an interesting off season.
You guys are funny. Seeing things differently is not a crime. My post had 5 POSITIVE points and 4 criticisms. That is pretty balanced. Call it what you will, I call it being objective. Go Miners.
I think Joe hit the nail on the head. As did Liz. Yes, I played basketball, coached basketball and officiated basketball. UTEP has had a problem rebounding and shooting free throws all season, heck they almost got out-rebounded by Division II New Mexico Highlands! People don't seem to remember that. They have very impressive talent and can turn up the heat when they need to eak it out, but it really shouldn't be that way. When they get to the NCAA tourney every team will be physically talented. If this team doesn't pull it together and RRRebound like Liz says, it will put an end to their season. I think even coach Barbee would agree with Joe and Liz. He is more critical about his team than anyone. Enjoy the win, and the season, but take off the rose colored glasses, this is far from a perfect team. They have enjoyed some serious luck this season, especially in the last game. Don't get me wrong, coming back from 14 is HUGE, but they should never have been in the game. UAB blew it, plain and simple and UTEP was able to take advantage. That is a very GOOD thing, but they need to get back to basics if they are going to win in the conference tourney and the NCAA. They played this way at the beginning of the season, anyone remember the BYU game? They looked absolutely silly. Don't think that can't happen again. If they don't rebound in the tourney, they will lose...period!
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Mar 7, 2010