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Dave Younce
Interests: family, baseball games, a good cup of coffee, travel, and a great read when there's time...
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Chris - I've been called quite a few things on this blog - this is a first for "trend-setter"...
Toggle Commented May 30, 2007 on Organizational Tools at Banter from Brooks
Peg- good question. By high-stakes testing I am referring to our Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) which every school in the state is taking during this two week window in mid-March. The results of these tests are what schools are essentially "graded" upon. This all falls under the expectations laid out in the No Child Left Behind legislation. Each state in the US has its own standardized tests that are administered for the purpose of providing the necessary data to the federal government, which administers sanctions to schools that do not meet specific criteria. Here at Brooks we're OK for the time being - we score well and have good instruction going on, but still need to look to higher standards and further meeting the need sof our students in the future. The real challenge of testing time is getting kids into a mindset where they focus but don't stress themselves out about the task at hand. It also wreaks havoc on our building schedule, which is never fun. But, it's over for now!
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2007 on The Struggle at Banter from Brooks
Joe - you hit it right on the head. Thanks for sharing that reminder.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2007 on Connecting with Audience at LeaderTalk