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Unfortunately, most of the "channels" are webpages and the experience is less than ideal (currently). And some webpages don't work - like HBO GO if you're a Comcast customers. Plan to hit this topic soon. Maybe as soon as Logitech actually drops the price. ;)
Actually, my comment in the video based on Roku's press release, dated June 1, 2011: "Roku Partners with Rovio to Bring First Angry Birds Experience to TV" On the PS3 are you playing through the browser, or is it an app? I wonder if that's how Roku made the distinction. James, actually I had the TV audio on and was pretty bummed my camera didn't pick it up. It was low, but clearly audible in the room. Except the camera mics are on top (where I was speaking) and the speakers were well below that height. So the low volume combined with the positioning did it. Ah well.
Mike, just run my cancellation screencap. :)
Seems like "adult" entertainment would be preferable to death/violence. Go figure.
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Jun 4, 2011